In Pakistan hijab is one of the latest fashion in girls. As Pakistan is an Islamic country so it allows the women to cover there entire body except hands and face so it is necessary to all Islamic women to follow the Islamic rules. Hijab is now become a fashion and most of the fashionable girls want to wear hijab with different unique styles, as well as it is also compulsary to worn because they feel safe themselves. It is loosly worn around the head. 

Girls all over the world wear hijab to cover their hair and face,  the latest hijab styles are include abaya, burqa and nikab as well to cover themselves. Latest colorful hijab are come in different colors like red, green, black, blue and many other colors which are designed so stylish. You can use stylish new hijab which suits to your dress. Differet types of fabrics used for making abayas like slik, chifon, etc which make them decent and easy to wear. Mostly girls and women select such hijab and abaya in which they feel relax and easy.



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